● Utilized SQL queries to extract and analyze data from the project's database, enabling comprehensive player performance and team statistics analysis.

● Integrated SQL data with Power BI for real-time visualizations, delivering up-to-date tournament analytics and performance metrics to stakeholders.

● Developed interactive Power BI dashboards showcasing key insights on tournament trends, match outcomes, and team comparisons.

● Created custom SQL views and stored procedures to streamline data extraction and transformation, making it easier to generate recurring reports and dashboards.

● Implemented strategies to ensure the ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) processes were optimized for efficient data retrieval from multiple data sources into the database.

● Conducted data cleansing and validation processes to ensure the accuracy and consistency of data in the database, minimizing errors in the analysis.

● Employed advanced SQL techniques such as window functions, subqueries, and joins to perform complex data calculations and aggregations for in-depth analysis.


Team With The Best Conversion Rate:
Goals Scored - 10
Shots On Target - 16
Conversion Rate - 62.5 %

Team With Most Goals Scored
France - 16

Teams With Most Fouls Committed
Argentina - 100

Team With Most Average Possession
Spain - 69%