Financial Data Reporting

1️⃣ Total Revenue by Region: Gain a comprehensive view of revenue across different regions, identifying areas of high performance and growth potential.

2️⃣ Total Revenue and Average Revenue by Location: Pinpoint your most profitable areas and make informed resource allocation decisions based on revenue and average revenue by location.

3️⃣ Total Revenue by Store: Optimize store operations by delving into revenue breakdowns for each location.

4️⃣ Total Revenue by Quarter: Track revenue trends over time and uncover seasonal patterns that may impact business performance.

5️⃣ Total Revenue by Products and Rank: Prioritize your marketing efforts by understanding revenue generation from various products.

6️⃣ Sales Rep Performance Matrix: Evaluate individual sales reps' performance with a matrix view showcasing total revenue and transaction data.

7️⃣ Total Revenue and Average Revenue by Month and Region: Gain insights into seasonal variations and regional performance by analyzing revenue data.





Total Revenue
$9.74 Million (61.5%)

Most Profitable Region
Singapore - $3.62 Million

Most Profitable Store
Store 1 - $6.17 Million

Top 3 Performing Sales Reps
Louis N - $2.07 Million

Jansen B - $1.8 Million

Andrew T - $1.68 Million

Jason W - $1.56 Million

Profitability Spotlight: Quarter 1, 2020 - Asia

Amidst the data, one quarter stands out as the epitome of profitability: Quarter 1 of 2020 in the dynamic Asian region. This quarter generated a remarkable $9.74 million, a significant 61.5% of the annual revenue. Singapore emerges as the most profitable region, contributing $3.62 million, while Store 1 shines as the top-performing store with $6.17 million in revenue. The sales leaderboard is dominated by Louis N at $2.07 million, followed by Jansen B at $1.8 million and Andrew T at $1.68 million. This concise snapshot underscores the outstanding financial success of this specific quarter, offering valuable insights for future endeavors.

Within this dynamic dashboard, I've meticulously crafted a range of insightful visualizations aimed at providing a holistic understanding of your financial data. Here's a brief glimpse: